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Info om Chania
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Fra info-brosjyren til http://summerlodge.gr/


Located on the west coast of Crete, the county of Hania is the most mountainous area of Crete and is dwarfed by the imposing mass of the White Mountains, about 40 km long. The tallest peak (Pachnes, 2453m) has snow up to and including the month of May! There are four mountain shelters (Kallegris, Tavri, Svourichti, Volikas). The south side of the island, facing the Lybian sea, has the longest sunny days in Europe. North, west and south, the county is surrounded by sea. The northern side of the county, which has very hospitable seas, ends in three peninsulas. Tourist development here is intense, so of course this side is more populated. Here you will find excellent, modern, well equipped hotels with willing and friendly personnel. The county is 2,376 km2 big and has a population of 140,000. It is divided into five districts, with the town of Hania as its capital pop.52,000). Over 500 villages arrayed on the sides of the mountains on the mountain plains of Omalos and Sfakia, but mostly near the sea are waiting for you. A short way out of Georgioupoli (east of Hania) you will find the unrivalled Cretan lake of Κournas.

There is usually a mild Mediterranean climate. In autumn and winter the winds are usually North/Northwest, while in the summer light breezes make it enjoyable. However, God\'s gift of unending sunshine allows you to start your holiday form the month of March and finish at the end of October. The county of Hania has the most spring water in Crete (65%). This is why there is so much vegetation and fruit bearing trees (citrus, olive, grape, etc), which flourish year after year. The sparkling clear seas of Hania, which always win the European “Blue Flags\" are accessible for all ages, all year around.

Its story starts with the New Stone Age, as proved by excavations. Minoan civilization 2800-1150 BC with remains scattered all over the county. During the Classical period, the ancient town of Kydonia (where Hania stands today) was the principal town until the 7th century AD. From 826 to 961 AD, Hania was occupied by the Arabs. In 961 AD, it was overtaken by the Venetian Emperor Nikiforos Fokas. From 1204 to 1645, the Venetians ruled Hania. From 1248 till 1252, the Venetians built a section of the old town (Casteli) in the port of Hania.
From 1645 to 1669, Crete was occupied by the Turks. In 1821 Crete participated in the Greek revolution against the Turks without, however been freed. From 1866 to 1869, there were bloody uprisings and Europe became more responsive. In 1878, Crete became semi-autonomous and in 1897 was placed under the protection of the European Forces. In 1908, the first High Commissioner to the Island, Prince George, was appointed. His headquarters for the “Cretan State\" were based in Hania. In 1905, the revolution of Therisso took place, lead by Eleftherios Venizelos and in 1913 the Greek flag was raised on the Fortress of Firka. Lastly was the big “Battle of Crete\" (20-29 May 1941), one of the most famous and memorable of the 2nd world war.

The most poetic town of Crete gives you a taste of beauty when you stroll through it. Built on the site of ancient Kydonia, it has seen and lived through many invaders. The tastes of different civilizations have left their stamp on the facades of the buildings, on castles and walls, ancient sites, monasteries and churches, The town has two entrances: the airport in Akrotiri (the most advanced in Greece) and the port of Souda (the largest port in Mediterranean). All the streets lead to the market square the center of the town. The public market, an illustrious building in the shape of a cross, which has completed in 1913m is modelled on the style of Marseilles, A sign of the prosperity of the town, with the commercial stores around it and to the south, it sells all the produce of the Cretan soil. Always full of people, id stands as a reference and starting point for an introduction to the town. Only five minutes walking distance from the center the Public Gardens await you, situated between the streets of Dimokratias and Tzanakaki and next to the Park of Peace and Friendship of the Nations. The Gardens are the most beautiful in Crete and have a pastry and coffee shop. The public garden also has a small zoo, which includes Cretan animals such as the “kri-kri\" - as well as Cretan plants and trees.

The old quarter of the town “inside the walls\" still keeps its Venetian gentility, Narrow, paved sidewalks are surrounded by elegantly restored houses (Venetian and Turkish) which nowadays have become rooms for rent, shop selling popular art and tourist goods, of Cretan Style restaurants. The old port is picturesque at any time of the day or season and is a center of attraction for visitors and locals alike, as much for its beauty, as for the varied choice of entertainment there choices such as fish taverns and restaurants for the gourmet, coffee shops and cake shops to meet with friends, bars and night clubs for all tastes and ages. But the real walker can enjoy a stroll starting from Koum-Kapi and ending at the Lighthouse or Nea Ηora.

The Archaeological Museum (Chalidon 25, tel. 2821090334) is under the same roof as the Catholic church of St Francis. Rich in idols clay sarcophagus, statues, guns, items of ceramic and glasswork, old coins, inscriptions, jewelleries, etc.
The Naval Museum of Crete (Akti Kountourioti, tel. 2821091875) exhibits different kinds of naval war guns, navigation equipment, model ships, portraits of important admirals, even a collection of rare shells! On the upper floor is housed the exhibition of \"The Battle of Crete\" in 1941.
The Byzantine Collection (Theotokopoulou str.) housed in an old monastery, contains various exhibits of rare Byzantine art.
The historical Archive of Crete (I. Sfalianaki 20, tel. 2821052606) contains pictures, photographs and material pertaining to Eleftherios Venizelos, the revolutions against the Turks and the resistance of the Cretans in the second world war.
The War Museum (Stratopedo Tzompanaki, tel. 2821044156) contains rare photographic material and historical heirlooms from the revolution of the Cretans against the conquering Turks, from the Macedonian war (1903-1908), The Balkanian wars and the destruction of the Greek part of Asia. It also contains memorabilia from the second world war and the “Battle of Crete\" (1941-1945).

The Neoria (in the harbour of the Old Τοwn) Venetian buildings (14th-16th century AD) which were used for the protection, repair or building of Venetian \"galleys\". There are 9 (out of the original 25) still in existence.
The Loggia in the area of the Xenia hotel and the church of St. Francis in Chalidon street, are two of the most important Venetian monuments. Also worth seeing are the churches of St. Rokos (1630, Splantzia) and Sotiros (near Xenia).
The breakwater and the Lighthouse are both Venetian (with Arabian foundations), whilst the Mosque (with its\' dome shape) is Arabian. These monuments are to be found in the old harbour.
The Firka Fortress (opposite the lighthouse) is where the Cretan rebels were imprisoned by the Turks. The minaret (at the church of St. Nicholas, Splantzia), the Turkish baths (near the main town church), the Court House (Court Square) which is also the County Ηall, the Italian army barracks (next to the Public Gardens), all originated from the Turkish period of the islands\' history.

The Public Market, the Public Gardens (1870, α creation of Reouf Pasas), the house of the French school \"Saint Joseph\" (Chalepa, 1860), the refurbished Villa Koundourou (at the end of Iroon Politechniou str.) and also the houses of Venizelos and Prince George in Chalepa.
The Venizelos Graves (Profitis Ilias, Akrotiri), 5 km out of town, on the way to the airport. Here rests Eleftherios Venizelos, the greatest politician of Greek modern history.
The German Eagle (3 km from Hania, on the coastal road to Platanias) and the German Cemetery in Maleme with 4465 graves, are reminders of the recent history of the county. Equally remembered is the Allies Cemetery, which can be found in Souda bay, with 1597 graves, mainly from the Battle of Crete in 1941.
Aptera (15 km from Hania, on the way to Rethimno) is one of the most important ancient towns of Western Crete, overlooking the plain and the bay of Souda. The ruins of α small ancient temple and the walls of the town still exist; together with the remains of an ancient Greek theatre, Roman reservoirs, a Venetian monastery and a Turkish castle.
Polyrinia (49 km NW of Hania) ruins from the walls, the acropolis of the ancient town and the sanctuary of Artemida Diktinna, there are also remains of α Roman aqueduct. The Venetian church of 99 Martyrs is built on the foundations of a Greek temple, with building materials from roman times. Falasarna (55 km west of Hania) remains of cyclopean walls, house foundations and sculptures carved into the rocks. Important ancient sites still exist in the following places: Elyros (near Rodovani) and Irtakina, Lissos and Syia at Sougia, Kandanos and Kadros (minoan graves carved into the rocks), Tarra in Agia Roumeli, Araden and Anopolis in Sfakia, Hippokoroneon at Apokoronas, Diktina at Rodopou peninsula, Mithimna near the town of Kasteli, etc.

The climate and the configuration of the land make the county of Hania a paradise for thousands of plants and animals: The lilys of the sea (pancratium maritimum), the lavdano (lavdanum), the cyclamen (cyclamen creticum), the Cretan tulips (tulipa cretica), the maple (acer creticus) and chiefly the endemic and unique dittany (origanum dictamum) and malorita (dideritis cretica), which, with matzourana (origanum maiorana), compose medicinal boiling plants of Omalos you can find stamnagathi (cihorium spinosum). Dried or freshly cut, these special medicinal herbs can be found in the Public Market or local shops. In Crete you can find 17 unique plants, 4 of which exist only in the county of Hania. The proud Creta beast, the “Kri-Kri\" (capra aegagrus cretica), lives freely only in the Samaria Gorge. There and elsewhere you can see Cretan eagles (aquila chrysaetos) and partridges (alectoris chucar). Ferrets (martes foina bunites), skunks (meles meles arcalus), weasels (mustela nivalis galinthias), hares, hawks etc. can also be seen in open places. There is also an endeavour to protect an area on the north shores of the county especially for the turtles (caretta-caretta) that can be seen occasionally on the sandy beaches of Platanias-Maleme and Georgioupolis.

Popular traditional Cretan art is continued today in weaving, crocheting, carpet making, towels, lace work etc. showing the feel for beauty and art the people of the county have. Village women and local co-operatives make embroideries from silk or wool. Handcrafted items of glass, wood and metal can be found in Casteli Kissamos, while workshops for ceramic goods, wooden sculptures, as well as metallurgy (copper, gold and silver) are plentiful in the county. There is a special workshop for glass blowing at Kokkino Horio Apokoronou. Many shops selling popular art can be found in the old town. Above the Catholic Church there is the “Cretan House\" (private folk museum). Rich folk material can also be found in exhibitions at the Firka Fortress. You can also see collections of objects from farming and the local civilization at Kandanos, Gavalochori, Vamos, Kefalas, Therisso, Spilia Kissamos, Sougia, Askifou (Sfakia), Azogires and elsewhere. A special techniwue is the production of Cretan boots (made from genuine leather) at Stivanadika (Skridlof str. Hania) where dominating all else, is the smell of leather. Other characteristic items are Cretan Knives with four line poems written on their blades.

There are 300 registered Byzantine churches, situated across the county of Hania.
The Cathedral of Isodion in Chalidon str.
St. Nicholas in Splantzia. Built in 1204 by Dominican monks.
The church of St. Anargyroi, behind the Odeon, possibly the most touching in the town. It was the first cathedral (16th century) and the only one functioning under the turkish occupation. It has priceless pictures from the Byzantine period.
The Annunciation in Chalepa. Magnificent and spacious.
St. Magdalene in Chalepa, Russiam Byzantine style (1903), built when Prince George was high commissioner.
The church of the Prophet Elia (Venizelos Graves)
Archangel Michael form the 12th century (Rotonda) in Kato Episkopi
The catholic church of St. Mary in Chalidon str.
The Evangelical church (near the Court House)
The church of Pentikosti in Sfakion str.
The Monastery of Aghia Triada Tsangarolon (17th century), castle-like with western influenced. It contains a small museum (16 km NE of Hania in Akrotiri).
The Monastery of the lady of Angels (Gouverneto), next to the cave of St. John the Hermit. It has castle like appearance (1548) with sculptures form Venetian times (4 km north of the monastery of Aghia Triada).
The convent of St. John (Korakies). Situated 7 km from Hania towards Akrotiri. Traditional hand made embroideries by the nuns and a small museum can be found there.
The Monastery of St. John Elehimonas in Pazinos with notable architecture.
The convent of the Source of Life (Chrisopigi). Castle like appearance (1863), with a workshop for icons and publishing religious periodicals (3 km on the road to Souda).
The Monastery of Gonia (Kimisi Theotokou) from the 17th century. Situated in Kolimbari (24 km form Hania), near the Orthodox Academy of Crete.
The monastery of Chrissoskalitissa.

They say the at the soul of the Hania people, and of every Cretan, is as one: haughty and proud, “straight\" and hard like the steel of the their “rebels\" weapons, but also mild and gentle like their love, passionate writers of verse which shows their love of their way of life. It\'s not by chance that Crete has given birth to some of the greatest men of contemporary Greece: N. Kazantzakis (man of words), El. Venizelos (politician), Vitsentzos Kornaros (poet of tender love songs), M,. Theodorakis (composer of passionate, stirring and expressive folk music) and M. Hatzidakis (musician). For the people of Hania, life is a “celebration\" and celebrations are opportunities to communicate. There is no town or village without a saint to protect it. Religious celebration and festivals are always accompanied by good food, music (Lyre) and dance. Then is your chance to try xerotigana (sweet), tsikoudia (drink), kalitsounia (cheese pies), local honey, Greek soft cheese and the famous pilafi (rice with boiled meat).

St. George in Asi Gonia Apokoronou, when thousands of sheep are “blessed\" in the church and heir milk is given free to everyone (23rd April).
The local celebration of St. Mary (15th Aug), with big small festivals all over the county of Hania.
St. John (29th Aug) in Gonia Rodopou (Kissamos)
St. Nikitas in Sfakia with athletic competitions (15th Sept)
St. John the Hermit at the monastery of Gouverneto (7th Oct)
21st November in Hania, a celebration of the city cathedral and a bank holiday for the town.
Anniversary of the “Battle of Crete\" (20-30 May). Sporting events “Venizelia Games\" take place over the same period.
Summer festival of Hania, with shows of every kind.
Celebrations of cherries (Karanou), of chestnuts (Elos), of sardines (Nea Chora), as well as the local celebrations “Elafonissia & Gramvoussia\".

On Crete there are a total of 20 recognised areas of “Natural Beauty\", of which 14 are found in the county of Hania. For lovers of hiking, climbing and cave exploration there are 61 gorges all over the county. The most famous are:
The Samaria Gorge rightly considered to be the most magnificent and beautiful gorge in Europe, which is why it has been honoured three times with a \"Α Class\" diploma by the Council of Europe (1980, 1984, 1989) for the purity of its natural environment. Situated 43 km south of Hania, it is 18 km long. The entrance is at the mountain of Omalos. From 1962 it has been declared a protected \"National Park\" and passage through it is allowed only from Μαy to October. It has water all year round. Its impressive, wild, pure naturalness with unsurpassed views, show the immeasurable variations of nature on your journey into the gorge and provokes a feeling of awe and the sentiment of your own insignificance before the grandeur of nature! It takes approximately 5-7 hours to walk through the gorge. Your reward is a beautiful pebbly beach and a marvellous sea. There you will find many places to rest and eat a good meal. All the tourist offices organise daily tours to the Samaria Gorge. The buses take you to Omalos, then after Aghia Roumeli, at the end of the gorge, you travel by boat to Sfakia or Sougia-Paleochora, from where you catch the bus back to Hania.
The gorge of Agia Irini (Agieriniotiko), which starts form the village of St. Eirini (2 km SW of Hania) and finishies at Sougia. It has rich vegetation and a small kiosk. It is 7 km long and its passage takes 2.5-3 hours.
The gorge of Imvros (Imvros or Nibros, 57 km SE of Hania) on the mountain plateau of Sfakia, with “narrow doors\" and a wide variety of plants. It is 6 km in length and takes approx. 3 hours to travel through. It ends at Komitades.
The gorge of Aradaina, east of the Samaria Gorge,
The gorge of Therisso or Venizelos, 7 km form Hania towards Therisso. Easy passage by car, on an asphalt road, a miniature of Samaria.
In the county of Hania there are over 1500 caves. The most noteworthy are at Apokoronas (Samonas, Kournas, Kokkino Chorio, Melidoni), at St. John and Arkoudospilia (Gouverneto, Akrotiri), the Koumarospilaio, the cave at Azoriges etc. Another way to enjoy mature is the lake of Kournas (unique in Crete). Picturesque area of water, with large amounts of fish and eels.

Whether you prefer the sea and beaches with fine sand or pebbles, or you like crowds at the beach, then the following outings will please you:
Kalives-Almirida-Vamos-Georgioupoli (40 km).
For nearby beaches: Aghi Apostoli (Greek Tourist Board beach, 4 km long) Aghia Marina-Platanias-Kolimbari (23 km long, with pebble beach and a choise of taverns and restaurants). You can also visit the Monastery of Gonia and the Cretan Orthodox academy (25 km).
Kasteli-Falasarna (with beautiful beaches)-Monastery of Crissoskalitissa (73 km)- Elafonissi (with the most beautiful fine red sand of the island).
Hania-Tavronitis-Kandanos-Paleochora (77 km) with fantastic beaches, cool seas and an abundance of places to stay. From Kandanos you can drive to Sougia, while form Paleochora you can go by boat to Sougia, Aghia Roumeli or to Chora Sfakion (and from there to Frangocastelo).
Frangocastelo “Castel Franco\" is situated to the east of Chora Sfakion, near the Libya sea (80 km from Hania). Built by the Venetians in 1371 for their protection form pirates and from Cretan rebels, it is a most impressive and well-preserved castle. The beautiful sea with its beaches is a centre of attraction as is the strange story of unexplained human shadows (Drossulites) that appear at dawn on May and September mornings. The people of Sfakia say that the dead of the Castle appear from the sea, exciting the imagination of artists, poets and historians. “”¦you feel it”¦\" G. Manoussakis writes, a Hania writer, in his book “Travelling in Sfakia\" (page 72, 1980). “At this end of Sfakian land the ghosts of nature and the remains of history live every night together. The spirits of air, of water, and the plain mix with the souls of the dead, and you, the person day, are the intruder in this secret cohabitation.
Hania-Akrotiri-Kalathas-Aghia Triada-Gouverneto-Stavros with beautiful sandy beaches.
Hania-Therisso (17 km, then through the gorge)-Zouvra-Meskla-Fournes-Alikianos-Hania.
Hania-Omalos (42 km, walking through the Samaria gorge).

Cretan soil and its products were matched with the mythology and the ancient gods. The purity, the richness, in vitamins and the divine taste of these products made them a quality reference for those interested in healthy nutrition and a subject of research for the scientific community, while their beneficial attributes for the prevention of carcinogenesis have already been proved. The land, the climate, the care in cultivation the mostly the love for quality and the respect for tradition are the reasons for which Cretan goods enjoy worldwide respect. Besides, in Crete there is a rich variety of unique products, such as the Cretan olive oil, various herbs (dittany, malorita, matzourana, sage, etc. and wild plants. These compose a superb nutritious chain, which functions as a special shield against old and contemporary diseases.

The county of Hania, besides the beautiful town of the same name with its cosmopolitan port, also consists of thousands of secret corners to relax in or explore, which are just waiting for you to discover them. Enjoy the sea and sun in Georgioupoli, Kalives, Marathi, Stavros, Stalos, Aghia Marina, Platanias, Maleme, Kolimbari, Kasteli, Gramvoussa, Falassarna, Sfinari, Crissoskalitissa, Elafonissi, Paleochora, Sougia, Aghia Roumeli, Loutro, Sfakia, Fangocastelo, the island of Gavdos etc. Afterwards, enjoy fresh fish, village salads, fresh greens from the Cretan soil, local wine, tsikoudia and traditional plates of Cretan cuisine at the seaside taverns and restaurants. Of course, good food, a pleasant atmosphere and new places to enjoy can be found inland, where the Greek enjoyment of company or family entertainment often finishes in the early hours of the morning. The feel of the beneficent sun, the excellent Cretan cuisine, the relaxed lifestyle and the warm hospitality of the people will stay in your heart forever. So intensely you will miss the paradise of Crete.

Local blue buses for all districts of the town and surrounding areas (departures form the Market square, 1866 square): for Akrotiri, Souda, Galatas, Agia, etc.
Long distance green buses for Rethimno-Heraklio, Vrisses-Hora Sfakion, Platanias-Maleme-Kasteli, Kandanos-Paleochora, (departures from the main bus station in town center.
Domestic Airlines: OLYMPIC AIRLINES & AEGEAN AIR with daily flights to Athens & Thessaloniki.
Shipping Lines: From Souda port ANEK LINES & HIGH SPEED FERRIES have daily, overnight & daytime sailings to Pireas-Athens. From Kissamos, port of Kasteli, there are extra daily sailings to Peloponissos, at southern mainland.


Video fra Chania, Agia Marina og Platanias.

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Internasjonale vinterflygninger ? Kritios Kritios 336/4 Reisetips og spørsmål 16. jun 18, 13:32:57 Last Post
Sky Express med 3 daglige ATH-CHQ fra 1. November ! mouche Kritios 265/3 Reisetips og spørsmål 16. jun 18, 09:37:25 Last Post
Seks grunner til å reise til Athen telma telma 220/0 Reisetips og spørsmål 14. jun 18, 14:20:44 Last Post
Hvor er dette? 971 LØST fila fila 453/8 Hvor er dette? 13. jun 18, 11:11:01 Last Post
Makedonia skifter navn. Kritios Kritios 179/0 Hellas generelt 12. jun 18, 20:44:07 Last Post
Kolona-Rhodos Havn zorba zorba 314/2 Reisetips og spørsmål 11. jun 18, 12:09:11 Last Post
REBUS 16 LØST fila fila 440/4 Hellas generelt 08. jun 18, 13:00:44 Last Post
Kjøpe leilighet i Chania mouche Lovis 647/7 Flytte til Hellas 06. jun 18, 12:36:06 Last Post
Hvor er dette 970. marjana Heidrun 605/7 Hvor er dette? 01. jun 18, 13:50:55 Last Post
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Ferje fra Paleochora til Hora Sfakion Kritios MayElisa 345/8 Sørkysten 27. jun 18, 21:36:05 Last Post
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"Mitt store fete greske bryllup" i en ny dimensjon ! mouche Kritios 215/1 Kreta 16. jun 18, 07:44:12 Last Post
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Rethymnon – best å bo for voksne? mouche LongForSun 1173/18 Rethymnon og områdene rundt 25. apr 18, 09:50:00 Last Post
Kreta i påsken mouche Hut 2761/16 Kreta 15. jan 18, 13:10:11 Last Post
Tsatsiki, farsan og olivkriget Svein~B Svein~B 1164/3 Kreta 05. jan 18, 23:41:28 Last Post
Godt nytt år fra Stavros. Kritios Heidrun 1268/4 Kreta 31. des 17, 16:41:20 Last Post
Kreta Aghia Marina Taverna Kjell Borgan sommer 3368/8 Kreta 29. aug 17, 11:10:49 Last Post
Leteboring sørvest for Kreta. bengalow Kritios 1756/4 Sørkysten 28. aug 17, 18:21:25 Last Post
Hjelp vi har blitt hundeeiere ! Diddi Kritios 5878/26 Chania og områdene rundt 05. aug 17, 21:05:01 Last Post
TILOS Anders Voss 1495/1 Sørkysten 16. jul 17, 13:11:53 Last Post
Vandretur mai 2014 Voss Voss 8637/9 Sørkysten 16. jul 17, 12:40:27 Last Post
Tips i Almyrida-området på Kreta kari Solgry 3494/8 Kreta 17. jun 17, 17:04:47 Last Post
Vær i sep/okt Renate Øvergård Renate Øvergård 2513/4 Kreta 18. mai 17, 19:41:29 Last Post
Kretas vindistrikt - fråtsing i frodighet, farger og fine former (type landskap) Heidrun Gooner 4553/26 Kreta 12. mai 17, 13:08:48 Last Post
En liten tur i vårt nærområde. Kritios Kritios 1881/2 Chania og områdene rundt 11. mai 17, 21:16:27 Last Post
Noen som skal til platanias i juli? Superson Superson 1614/0 Chania og områdene rundt 07. mai 17, 20:43:13 Last Post
Topptur på ski i går hans-erik.Øverland hans-erik.Øverland 2447/5 Kreta 18. apr 17, 07:05:19 Last Post
Båt Paleochora - Elafonissi Kritios linda.olsen-sørstrøm 2482/3 Sørkysten 19. mar 17, 09:57:38 Last Post
"Vårt" sted på Kreta? stein stein 17704/66 Kreta 10. mar 17, 15:44:53 Last Post
Bolig på Kreta Heidrun Asomatos 2363/2 Kreta 25. feb 17, 10:43:43 Last Post
Språk. Svein~B Iver 2808/2 Rethymnon og områdene rundt 10. des 16, 09:51:20 Last Post
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Teller ned til Skiathos Frynse filhellener 4455/3 Skiathos 08. aug 16, 13:55:46 Last Post
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Skiathos jeg savner deg! Torill Torill 13897/4 Skiathos 04. jan 15, 00:44:28 Last Post
Samletråd for bilder fra Skiathos 2014. brit brit 60118/0 Skiathos 28. okt 14, 23:24:17 Last Post
Er det noen som skal til Skiathos i år? Tjorven Ole 27889/26 Skiathos 13. mai 14, 16:44:26 Last Post
Skiathos litt utenfor allfarvei Άννα Annlaug 22038/20 Skiathos 16. mar 13, 13:53:57 Last Post
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Hvem skal til Skiathos i begynnelsen av september 2011? Tjorven Stedvard 32378/38 Skiathos 22. sep 11, 18:47:22 Last Post
Re: Drosje fra flyplassen Maggie Maggie 12813/4 Skiathos 05. aug 11, 11:48:01 Last Post
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Vi var på Skiathos i september 2010 Magnolia brit 24600/29 Skiathos 19. jan 11, 11:39:30 Last Post
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Re: Taverna Asprolithos Mette Mette 17642/9 Skiathos 29. okt 10, 21:30:15 Last Post
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Kan noen hjelpe?? kaka Marie 15878/6 Skiathos 03. okt 10, 20:41:48 Last Post
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Skiathos i Desember 2009 Tjorven Anne 48494/74 Skiathos 17. jan 10, 13:24:55 Last Post
Et greskt bryllup og litt \"Murphys lov\" i desember. Frost Anne 48117/78 Skiathos 03. jan 10, 21:16:59 Last Post
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Rhodos - spise steder i gamle byen + Rhodos by Fuhr sommer 10356/3 Rhodos 26. apr 17, 23:55:07 Last Post
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Faliraki - noko å reise til? oils oils 8213/0 Rhodos 01. jan 15, 01:30:17 Last Post
Rhodos - Hotel sunprime på vestkysten sommer sommer 9364/0 Rhodos 01. jun 14, 10:08:24 Last Post
Uvær på Rhodos Greece-Traveller Niaas 10953/1 Rhodos 26. nov 13, 23:38:49 Last Post
Lander midt på natten - What to do? Admirala eripsni 12217/2 Rhodos 27. jun 13, 19:04:27 Last Post
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Besök på Argeologiska Museet på Rodos Mikke Riitta 14567/8 Rhodos 25. mai 13, 23:54:50 Last Post
Vilse i gränderna i Gamla stan karri Riitta 15821/10 Rhodos 21. mai 13, 15:24:26 Last Post
Rhodos 2006 Fia Ole 12942/6 Rhodos 05. feb 13, 23:46:29 Last Post
Manikarou Room to let i gammel byen på Rhodos ! ouzolina ROLLE 10829/1 Rhodos 24. okt 12, 16:29:26 Last Post
online møbel / fliser baderom /trappe linker IngeS carolineOGnoah 11284/1 Rhodos 12. feb 12, 20:08:04 Last Post
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Turen til Rhodos Tjorven Heidrun 11514/3 Rhodos 03. mar 11, 16:12:21 Last Post
Re: Rhodos here i come Thera Heidrun 13321/5 Rhodos 24. feb 11, 17:53:06 Last Post
Noen med bolig på Rhodos Heidrun Heidrun 15816/10 Rhodos 11. jan 11, 12:46:31 Last Post
Rhodos i oktober 2010 MaFi MaFi 20396/7 Rhodos 19. des 10, 23:45:24 Last Post
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Peloponnes / Kardamili med mere . dag staalesen dagstaalesen@hotmail.com 56208/249 Fastlandet og Peloponnes 16. jul 18, 19:48:46 Last Post
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Taverna FENGARI ROLLE ROLLE 311/3 Karpathos 28. jun 18, 12:37:55 Last Post
Diafani eller Karpathos Heidrun Heidrun 551/2 Karpathos 18. apr 18, 20:00:06 Last Post
Inget nytt ämne, men nog en upprepning. ROLLE ROLLE 1163/0 Karpathos 13. jan 18, 07:01:39 Last Post
Lite ditt och datt om Karpathos och Hellas. ROLLE ROLLE 19480/28 Karpathos 06. sep 17, 06:12:32 Last Post
Snart bär det iväg .... polyanna ROLLE 3147/3 Karpathos 27. mar 17, 00:26:02 Last Post
Hoteller i Pigadia ROLLE Eureka 1912/1 Karpathos 22. mar 17, 06:04:39 Last Post
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Det finns ännu Grekisk mat att få i Pigadia hos ELEA. filhellener ROLLE 9403/13 Karpathos 17. okt 16, 23:34:41 Last Post
Penger - Lefkos Deninka Deninka 7008/6 Karpathos 27. aug 16, 10:17:37 Last Post
Spastiska ryckningar återkommer mera sällan på Hellasforumet . ROLLE ROLLE 5131/11 Karpathos 01. aug 16, 16:06:24 Last Post
Karpathos i februar! Niaas Niaas 7304/7 Karpathos 02. mar 16, 12:15:27 Last Post
Bättre resa nu än att få ångra ogjord solsemester. marjana ROLLE 8576/6 Karpathos 17. nov 15, 18:27:02 Last Post
Boende på Karpathos i Augusti Riitta Åsa.jönsson 5343/1 Karpathos 05. aug 15, 11:36:46 Last Post
Da var vår 3 tur bestilt kviteberg kviteberg 7472/0 Karpathos 04. mai 15, 09:03:49 Last Post
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Fire uker på Karpathos! Tjorven Niaas 13058/12 Karpathos 09. nov 14, 23:59:29 Last Post
Min blogg fra Villa Zoe - Pigadia abaa abaa 25851/13 Karpathos 10. okt 14, 19:29:26 Last Post
..Till Karpathos i september 2014 kaka Mikke 19483/19 Karpathos 04. sep 14, 18:36:35 Last Post
..musiktavernan Pelagos..... Mikke Mikke 90804/115 Karpathos 27. jul 14, 14:43:19 Last Post
Gode skikkelig greske restauranter ? Mikke Ut-på-tur 13044/7 Karpathos 27. jul 14, 14:13:20 Last Post
Karpathos august, ATV erfaring ++ ?? Niaas Zootne 12423/3 Karpathos 29. jun 14, 19:02:04 Last Post
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Till Karpathos april 14..... Mikke Mikke 47920/61 Karpathos 31. mai 14, 00:52:29 Last Post
Hilsen fra Karpathos! Fine vårdager! Mikke Niaas 14556/9 Karpathos 28. mar 14, 14:18:36 Last Post
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Leiligheter i Karfas dagstaalesen@hotmail.com Ørjan 12950/4 Chios 16. mai 18, 08:16:16 Last Post
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Hellas/Chios for første gang dagstaalesen@hotmail.com Lisaf 19646/11 Chios 03. nov 15, 18:05:57 Last Post
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Mostra (Karneval) Tjorven Pjokken 22326/26 Chios 22. mar 13, 17:28:19 Last Post
Lalades (Ville Tulipaner) kaka Pjokken 14130/7 Chios 16. mar 13, 09:48:43 Last Post
Första besöket på Chios del 5 Chios by (stad) Pjokken Riitta 18241/11 Chios 10. nov 12, 04:41:47 Last Post
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Första besöket på Chios, Karfas Riitta Riitta 19682/18 Chios 23. okt 12, 17:49:49 Last Post
Fryktelig brann på Chios Ikaros kaka 55333/70 Chios 09. okt 12, 22:59:15 Last Post
hotell/leiligheter karfas Tzasiki perledykkern 11736/3 Chios 18. jun 12, 22:25:03 Last Post
Rapport fra Chios påsken 2012 Mixelite ingaberentine 53110/80 Chios 26. apr 12, 07:45:17 Last Post
Chios påsken 2012? ingaberentine ingaberentine 27073/26 Chios 29. mar 12, 03:57:29 Last Post
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Moutafis eller Almyra i Karfas? Filakia Filakia 18783/10 Chios 05. jul 11, 13:29:56 Last Post
\"Unplugged\" i gata mi Pjokken Pjokken 8920/0 Chios 16. jan 11, 14:49:01 Last Post
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Chios oktober 2010 Mixelite operafantomet 17626/17 Chios 24. okt 10, 16:55:29 Last Post
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Re: Sykkelutleie i Megas Limnionas? Pjokken Maritsa 24140/12 Chios 07. sep 10, 22:32:08 Last Post
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Votsalakia? GeMic karkit 18837/7 Samos 15. aug 17, 17:18:15 Last Post
4 turer til Pythagorion 1995-1998. (98 er vi innom andre øyer også) kari karri 61020/117 Samos 22. apr 17, 16:28:00 Last Post
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Hei fila Askermann 4572/5 Samos 18. okt 16, 11:00:43 Last Post
Hydrele Beach, Pythagorion Annna Annna 15213/20 Samos 12. okt 15, 18:55:23 Last Post
Herlig veke i Pythagorion TOMS TOMS 4531/0 Samos 05. aug 15, 19:38:19 Last Post
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Fantastisk service IngeS IngeS 8294/1 Samos 14. jan 15, 16:10:18 Last Post
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Porten til Europa IngeS IngeS 9653/0 Samos 05. mai 14, 12:09:24 Last Post
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Fotojakt 14. - 16. mars 2014 forts 2 IngeS IngeS 8196/0 Samos 16. mar 14, 17:43:58 Last Post
Fotojakt 14. - 16. mars 2014 forts IngeS IngeS 8505/0 Samos 16. mar 14, 17:38:33 Last Post
Fotojakt 14. - 16. mars 2014 IngeS IngeS 8930/0 Samos 16. mar 14, 17:31:16 Last Post
Kjell Inge Røkke har i flere dager ligget ved Samos Kristian telma 23585/13 Samos 04. jan 14, 23:35:30 Last Post
Samos 2013 IngeS IngeS 57962/87 Samos 16. des 13, 11:00:06 Last Post
Havets frukter, Psili Amos, Samos Bilder PUSEKATT Tommy 18793/20 Samos 06. des 13, 16:48:24 Last Post
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Ag. Anna, Ag. Prokopias eller Plaka? Ole Sunnaelskersol 2075/15 Naxos 02. apr 18, 15:01:07 Last Post
Naxos - ei fantastisk vandreøy Greece-Traveller Perigahre 3608/7 Naxos 22. okt 17, 12:18:51 Last Post
Overnatting Naxos by for familie Greece-Traveller Norseman 1783/2 Naxos 22. okt 17, 12:11:24 Last Post
En blogg fra Naxos. Perigahre Perigahre 1475/0 Naxos 24. jul 17, 16:11:31 Last Post
Naxos juni 2017 polyanna Runar Solvik 2228/6 Naxos 25. jun 17, 14:43:56 Last Post
Restaurant på Naxos Perigahre Fix 6709/8 Naxos 14. mai 17, 18:19:12 Last Post
Informasjon om Naxos - Eksterne lenker Perigahre Ole 9029/8 Naxos 14. mai 17, 18:14:51 Last Post
Lån i gresk bank mouche Elmblom 2204/4 Naxos 11. mai 17, 08:32:14 Last Post
Hotell/Leilighet Naxos til familie på 5. Frynse heidi.eggen 2156/1 Naxos 28. feb 17, 10:52:20 Last Post
Naxos 4.juni Anders Ella06 6068/12 Naxos 02. jun 16, 17:50:39 Last Post
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown ”” Naxos anemos anemos 4161/0 Naxos 06. mai 16, 00:53:40 Last Post
Web-cam på Coronis Ole Anders 7873/4 Naxos 28. feb 16, 14:36:33 Last Post
Leie av villa myrvok Annika 4877/2 Naxos 02. feb 16, 13:05:44 Last Post
Naxos Karneval Perigahre Anders 4696/5 Naxos 23. jan 16, 11:47:48 Last Post
Prisnivå Runar Solvik Signe 14621/12 Naxos 23. jan 16, 01:03:42 Last Post
Kastro Apilirou kaka Perigahre 3284/1 Naxos 22. jan 16, 19:43:43 Last Post
Halkion dagene filhellener Perigahre 3872/2 Naxos 21. jan 16, 19:04:45 Last Post
Det Naxos man sjelden ser.... kaka Anders 3669/1 Naxos 15. jan 16, 19:27:41 Last Post
Snø i Hellas.......igjen! marjana Ole 3688/1 Naxos 01. jan 16, 16:01:10 Last Post
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Naxos by - shopping? myrvok Mokkimokki 15706/9 Naxos 19. jul 15, 21:49:18 Last Post
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Paros - nr. 1 - topp 10 øyer i Europa (Travel + Leisure) marjana anemos 133/2 Paros og Antiparos 13. jul 18, 23:52:03 Last Post
Piso Livadi, juni 2016 Sunnaelskersol Ole 3647/7 Paros og Antiparos 17. apr 18, 19:47:57 Last Post
Paros i dag Ole Ole 23859/32 Paros og Antiparos 02. apr 18, 11:57:36 Last Post
Video fra Paros Ole Ole 1241/3 Paros og Antiparos 06. feb 18, 16:40:30 Last Post
Paros rundt Kristian Ole 38243/79 Paros og Antiparos 12. aug 17, 09:47:37 Last Post
Morgentur i Parikia Ole Ole 9326/18 Paros og Antiparos 11. jun 17, 16:08:16 Last Post
Antiparos live web cam Antiparos.TV Antiparos.TV 2360/0 Paros og Antiparos 04. feb 17, 13:16:23 Last Post
Ny havn på Paros? Kristian anemos 4166/7 Paros og Antiparos 20. jan 17, 15:29:57 Last Post
Parikia webcam Ole Ole 45366/57 Paros og Antiparos 30. nov 16, 14:53:49 Last Post
Morgentur til Marpissa Ole Ole 7437/19 Paros og Antiparos 02. sep 16, 10:26:45 Last Post
Paros Airport anemos sverrhag 11787/28 Paros og Antiparos 15. aug 16, 22:01:44 Last Post
Morgentur til Paros' tak Ole Ole 2858/0 Paros og Antiparos 28. jul 16, 09:47:34 Last Post
Morgentur til Naoussa Lous Ole 5529/4 Paros og Antiparos 27. jul 16, 21:55:00 Last Post
Oppdag: Paros & Antiparos (gresk program) Runar Solvik anemos 5487/2 Paros og Antiparos 14. mai 16, 00:42:52 Last Post
Spillefilm fra Antiparos "Suntan"-trailer sverrhag sverrhag 5168/0 Paros og Antiparos 09. feb 16, 19:57:06 Last Post
Short Documentary about Antiparos Vegard sverrhag 10119/7 Paros og Antiparos 17. jan 16, 13:30:24 Last Post
"Hjemme" på Antiparos en nydelig høstdag, november 2015 Tjorven JanBe 5489/3 Paros og Antiparos 01. des 15, 01:43:39 Last Post
Naoussa på Paros anemos Ole 24582/27 Paros og Antiparos 12. aug 15, 14:42:08 Last Post
Taverna Yiannoulis Ole Ole 13682/8 Paros og Antiparos 04. aug 15, 10:00:15 Last Post
Paros, juni/juli 2015 Ole Ole 9830/16 Paros og Antiparos 04. aug 15, 09:57:29 Last Post
Stemningsrapport fra Antiparos Kristian JanBe 11774/8 Paros og Antiparos 25. mai 15, 17:38:26 Last Post
Ny flyplass på Paros JanBe Ole 13575/5 Paros og Antiparos 21. mai 15, 15:54:09 Last Post
Tjorven på Antiparos - igjen - juni 2013 JanBe Tjorven 49806/71 Paros og Antiparos 16. apr 15, 14:00:55 Last Post
Antiparos 2009 Amalie1967 Tjorven 37408/44 Paros og Antiparos 16. apr 15, 11:56:15 Last Post
Om ikke Kykladene;hvor da? Ole kvalen 11973/3 Paros og Antiparos 25. mar 15, 19:05:06 Last Post
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